Musk’s Cocktail sausages with Clementine and Walnuts

Cooking Time:
25 mins
A few

1. Musk’s cocktail sausages

2. 100g sugar

3. 75ml fresh clementine juice

4. 75ml water

5. 150ml white wine vinegar

6. Handful of shelled walnuts

7. Maldon sea salt for seasoning

8. Rapeseed or sunflower oil for frying the sausages


1. Mix the water, clementine juice, sugar and white wine vinegar together and bring to the boil to make a gastrique style dressing.

2. Slowly fry off the sausages until cooked and golden brown. Once cooked through place the sausages in a small bowl and add a small amount of the gastrique and dress well. This recipe will make a good amount of gastrique and this will last in the fridge as its vinegar based.

3. Once the sausages are dressed grate fresh walnuts over the top and serve. Season with a small pinch of Maldon sea salt.

4. Simple as that and a lovely little nibble or snack for over the Christmas season.

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