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Unsmoked Back Bacon


With all that effort that goes into producing outstanding bacon, it would be churlish for us to waste this on inferior pork.
We use superior welfare friendly, outdoor reared or free range, happy, healthy pigs. We source our pork from farmers based in East Anglia and South East England, and were highly impressed by their commitment to the welfare of their pigs.

All of the ingredients in our cures are of the highest quality, we search high and low for herbs and spices that complement our recipes to make our bacon so very tasty.
Remember, the spices are used to enhance the natural flavour of bacon, they are not used to disguise or obscure the flavour. We believe by sourcing the best possible ingredients we can makes our bacon stand out from the crowd.

To create our bacon our dry cure mixtures are then applied by hand and it is left to rest for up to 12 days. This process extracts moisture from the loins, preventing any nasties growing on the meat, thus preserving it. It is then hung in our drying room to air for a further 12 days or so allowing the flavours to develop more, reducing the moisture content further.

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Owing to increased distribution costs and being unable to guarantee the products condition on arrival, we cannot accept orders from overseas, Northern Ireland and Scottish highlands. Please enquire with the office prior to placing an order if there are any questions.


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